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We all want to make money online, from home, for free, on legitimate sites that can show proof of payment. This website lists only those sites that are free to join and actually pay. This is perfect for students , stay at home moms, or if you just have a lot of free time. The intent of this site is to show you how to make money now, from home, for free.

Where is the money coming from?
Do you know that companies are paying top-dollar to have users like you try their products and services for free? Mcdonalds, Macys, Apple, Old Navy, etc. The sites below simply put them together for you, when you do an offer or survey, they make money, and pass a percentage of that money on to you. Simply complete free offers and get paid without spending a dime!

CashCrate is one of the best make money sites, with over 900,000 members!! They have lots of different ways to make money too and a proven payment record. Click here to sign up

Deal Barbie Pays is now paying their members even more. They have tons of free offers, and always run different contests!! This site can be one of your biggest money makers.

Craving Cash has added lots of new offers. One of the best sites to join.

Deal Barbie Pays Fast and Cash Lagoon, are still paying daily!!!

Please see proof of payment below from many sites and all the great stuff they have to offer. You can read a short review on Cash Crate and many other sites.

GPT sites are the New Marketing Strategy

The Internet has revolutionized the way that corporations do business. Millions of dollars are being made on the Internet every day. Just look at sites like E-bay and Amazon.com and the explosive growth they have experienced in the last 10 years. There are now opportunities to work at home, instead of working your normal 9-5.

This site will list ONLY those work at home opportunities that are free to join and actually pay you money. None of these sites are scams.

CashCrate Tips, DealBarbiePays Tips, Squishy Cash Tips, etc: CashCrate pays you a $3 bonus for EVERY member you refer when they reach the $10 minimum payout. The $10 can be earned in any way, whether it's completing offers, daily surveys or from their own referrals.

SquishyCash gives a $3 sign up bonus. A few others offer sign up bonuses and are noted below.

All of these sites have lots of great offers/ways to make money. Some of these sites offer 1 or 2 referral levels and really high payouts like 20% for first level referrals. Other sites have 3 referral levels or more!!!

Do you want to make more money?

Do you want to make bigger money with GPT sites? There is a very simple system. Join several sites and start referring. You can make a lot working on your own, doing offers and surveys on these sites. But you can make even more if you use the referral system too.

I have a big list of places where you can promote that I'm more then willing to share. I can also send you a promoting guide including places to build websites, blogs, how to add your site to search engines, and additional links for places where you can post. Just e-mail me at mactex1@gmail.com with the list of sites you joined and your username. This information is free. I will never charge money like other people do. And some people like these sites so much, they write a CashCrate review, a TreasureTrooper review, etc. to get extra hits on their websites.

GPT Site List

The more sites you join below, the more places you will get checks from. And for those who choose not to refer, there are many, many ways to make money on the sites themselves so you can still do really well.

CashCrate (2 Referral Levels, highest payout rate for referral earnings!!! Fantastic site!!)

Deal Barbie Pays (2 Referral Levels & super high payouts/approval level!! People love this site!!)

Deal Barbie Pays Fast (Pays Daily!!! 3 Referral Levels!! $5 minimum payout!)

Cash Lagoon (Pays Daily!! 3 Referral levels, high payouts/approval level, $5 minimum daily payout. People are saying great things about this site!!)

Craving Cash (3 Referral Levels, custom designed site, $3 sign up bonus!!!)

Deal Barbie Dollar Click
(Pays Daily!! Great variety of ways to make money, $1 minimum payout!)

The Cash Grab (Nice selection of offers!!!, $3 sign up bonus, nice payouts!!)

Bank Roll Bucks (4 Referral Levels, small $5 minimum payout, nice site!!)

Firehouse Offers ($5 signup bonus, 3 Referral Levels, great selection of offers!!)

Reelin Cash (Pays the Highest for offers than any other site, good contests)

SquishyCash (3 Referral Levels, great offers & payouts, $3 sign up bonus!!!)

Cash Troops (No minimum Daily Payouts!!!, 5 Referral Levels, nice payouts!!)

TreasureTrooper (2 Referral Levels, high payout for referral earnings!)

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Paid to Read & Paid to Click Sites

Send Earnings (Get paid to do offers & read e-mail)

Inbox Dollars (Get paid to do offers & read e-mail)

ClixSense (Get paid to read ads and advertise your own site or blog)

Swag Bucks
(earn swag dollars by just searching the web, claim neat prizes from swag store)

PayPal Affiliate Program

(Earn a percentage of non-Ebay sales)

(monetize you blog or website with Adbrite Ads)

Cashcrate Payments

Deal Barbie Payments

Cash Lagoon Payments

Cash Lagoon

Deal Barbie Pays Fast Payments

Craving Cash Payments

The Cash Grab Payments

Get paid to complete offers at The Cash Grab!

Reelin Cash Payments